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Independent Store Operators

Nika Pons is the owner of Poway Grocery Outlet.  Nika spent 5 years as an owner/operator of two Grocery Outlets in Modesto, CA. before moving to Poway.  Prior to joining the Grocery Outlet Team, Nika spent 16 years with Ralphs Grocery Co. in Southern California where she was a District Bookkeeper and Service Manager.  Nika runs the store with her husband, Luis Pons, and with her three children, who will be working in the store as their school schedules permit.

Luis was raised in the Caribbean by a Military family and relocated to the Bay Area in 1980, working in the Silicon Valley for Memorex.  For for the past 23 years he worked for Frito Lay in the Central Valley in production and industrial maintenance, and served as an intricate part of the emergency response team.

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