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Indpendent Store Operator photo
Independent Store Operators

Gilbert and Janice Angkiangco are the operators of the East San Jose Grocery Outlet.  Gilbert started his retail career with Citistores Inc. in the Philippines, moving through the ranks to Sales and Operations Manager.  Janice started her career at the same company as a cashier and inventory controller, and worked her way up to Store Manager.  Janice and Gilbert met in 1994 through their shared company, Citistores Inc.  They moved to the United States in 2006, bringing their children Caleb, Joshua, and Janicah with them.  After just 9 months in the U.S., they were accepted into the Grocery Outlet training program, and began training in the San Jose Grocery Outlet.  In August, 2008, they took over their first store in Gilroy.  They are excited to start fresh in their East San Jose store!

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